Search Within…

Search Within…

For the great thoughts, and wisdom, that can only be heard as silent whispers

For the light that will guide us, and reveal who we truely are

For the truth that liberates and creates an awareness of all around us

For the strength, faith, and conviction to stay on

For the fire that ignites, and keeps hope alive

For the joy that inspires us to soldier on

For all the greatness,, glory and gratitude we so want to live out

For the vulnerability, and accountability we crave for

Search Within…

For possibilities no one will tell, see, or even belief

For the power that sits in our belly

For that somethingness that has never misguided us

For true Spirituality and Godliness, enlightenment that unburdens

For the salvation, and work of completeness

For essence and substance of us

For assurance, and surety

For Life, Love and Light

Search Within,

For His presence that stills our souls

For His peace that calms all our external turmoils

For divinity dwelling amongst us

For He is, so I’m

For I’m He is in me

For He is my all in all

For in Him there is no impossibility

For in Him, We Live, Move and Have our Being

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