Bland # Bright: 20 Blogthoughts – Mission 101 # Killing the Writers Block!

writers block

Many a writer/ blogger we are constantly faced with this challenge, here are some thoughts i quickly jotted to get out of this dilemma. I hope some blogger out there will find it useful. Feel free to explore this possibilities as i endeavor this do the same.

-> Work Expisodes

$ Life on the Road

% Virgin thoughts : When you awake in the morning!

# Party animal : Life in the social scene

^ Life in the Tube ~ As seen on TV, and social media et YouTube

)) Back in the day >  yesteryear experiences and memories

@ Humorous encounters :Laughterous Life moments

::iThoughts # Unique perspectives about my world

{} This day sucks!! Chronicles from sucky moments

|| Liberata // Perspectives from a ‘Who cares moments’

\\ Spiritual meditatives : Deep thoughts from intimate +  introspective moments

,, Fun in the sun ~ Perspectives from the blistering outdoors

|\Outkast # Refugee / Alien : Outlaw – My Life as …..

+ Shakespeare, and others: Life as a famous poet and wordsmith

_ The Himalayas ! Life as a Guru, Sage, Yogi, Swami

() Activism, Human Rights, Social Action : The most important speech of the 21st Century a.k.a The speech that changed the 21st Century!

= Logging on and Blogging : The social life blutter of the online life

x? I HATE………..xxxx

?x I LOVE ………….yyyy

!xx Surreality ………. My Life in Celebville # Episodes, These are the Days of our Lives!

>>> Good luck!

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