Routines and Rituals: They can save your life!

Today I woke up and thought about routines and rituals and of all things –  I have always been for ‘let’s kill routine,  I’m a free thinker – no rituals please’.
Yeah,  and the thought that came to mind?  Routines and rituals have their place,  in fact they can save your life! Strange comment indeed coming from a liberal mind and a free thinker (or so I think I’m); and let’s throw away the box and think kinda person.
Mmh, routine so I thought…..
The routine to think and write your thoughts,  hopelessly,  endlessly,  anyhowly…

The routine to take a break in between tasks to catch your breath and drink in from the fountain of inspiration that you draw when you step out of your immediate context
The routine nay ritual to grab a nice cuppa coffee every Monday to get you started on a high and fired up for the week ahead
The rituals to get you going when you feeling slow and running low on energy…..
Mmh,  the routine to get my wife flowers every month….(Pss… don’t tell her!)

Yeah, point taken – especially on the last one – trust me you gain lots of mileage that you otherwise wouldn’t – thanks to routine and rituals.
On a creative note,  I developed a really bad habit of writing away whenever,  wherever, whatever –  with my tweedle thumbs. If you don’t know what I mean check out what I wrote earlier on Happy New Blank Year 2014!

I’m so bad at this habit that every morning I wake up I can’t help but write whatever comes to mind even before I get out of bed.  I guess I need help,  I probably need to join Writerholics Anonymous (WA…any suggestions anyone? ) to help me with my addiction! On second thoughts,  I think this is a ritual nay routine I don’t want to recover from!

Happy routines and rituals in 2014 ~ may your creativity be simply unstoppable!

2 thoughts on “Routines and Rituals: They can save your life!

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