So, What is in a name? The Tale of Timitude, Kate and William..

So, What is in a name? The Tale of Timitude, Kate and William..

Everything as Shakespeare said – well, here is my two coins about it
Well, names are pre-cursors to who we are…
They chronicle our history,  say out loud our concept of ourselves
Sometimes there are just pure accidental and tragic… how would anyone justify being called Katrina, especially after Hurricane Kat….I’m sorry I don’t understand how a royal baby could be called George after… a famous Bush! (Lord, I hope the NSA are not reading this…)
Anyway, I digress…
What is in a name
Some names carry the weight and magnitude of greatness, or so we want to believe
I’m not sure if Rohlihlahla (RIP) would have been such a cool name if the famous owner of the same was a common thug or a petty criminal….(apparently it means trouble or trouble maker in the Xhosa language)
Well as we all know the rest is history – the name Nelson Mandela is now legendary (bless his soul and legacy)
We often tease about Tom, Dick and Harry… wonder how these dudes feel about this…. Prince Harry, what do you say?
and of course there is my favourite… Plain Jane…. O Lord such a callous act to an otherwise would be colourful name~ forgive me all the Jane’s of the World!
I have very good West African friends, colleagues and associates even, and you would think I have been knighted by the Queen of England the way they call me ‘Sir’… I hope Branson R, you are hearing me…. we are in the same league after all… at least when I’m in WA… especially in Naija one of my most beloved places..
Anyway, there is something so Billy (rich, influencial et al) and prolific about being called a William, think Gates, think Clinton and the Prince himself…Mmh, and don’t forget Shakespeare was also a William too!
Kate….mmh, as long as its not short for Katr… you know who I’m talking about.
Speaking of names, my American friend Firenze recently became a grandmother (congratulations are in order) and the name Granny, or nana simply doesn’t do it for her… apparently she prefers to be called ‘cucu’ as we say it in East Africa but sounds even more cool with an American accent!
Finally, I get to the reason why I ramble about all this….this morning!
A friend, Ooh, My friend Nelson Kennedy (not sure if that is his real name!) just provoked me with….
‘what are you called anyway…? Timitude?… what does that mean and how do you even pronounce it!’
Talk of a friend with an attitude… with a tongue in cheek to be precise…
Take it easy Nelson this is my tribute to you…. especially for being Nice, and in part for being Rohlihlahla! (the good version)
For you all my friends, What is in a name?
What are you called anyway?
Its the season for New Names and Meanings…. feel free to indulge!

3 thoughts on “So, What is in a name? The Tale of Timitude, Kate and William..

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