Quintessential : The Bieber Fever

So we met and all we did was stare
Such a prettiness beyond compare
Salmon and salad never tasted better
The Bieber in me never said never

Something about the dating game
That unlocks the NatGeoWild animal
Primal instincts so alive so intense
Breathing was drinking from eternal wells

Shy and slender the perfect skyfall
Sheer beauty the essence of it all
Sitting pretty the world all her own
So what care to have in all the world

Her smile made a new dawn
Such a sense of sass she we won the crown
She had a smoothie and I a soda
She smiled and all I did was stare

Would I speak now or forever be silent?
Where were words when I needed them most?
Aah, Lips moved but words failed
Ahem! Thoughts ran and hearts raced

The seat creaked, my shirt soaked
It was now or never, her name was Heather
I was smothered, I was slain, so sweaty!
No, I was under a spell, who would save me in all the world!

#Dedicated to All in the Dating Game in 2014

5 thoughts on “Quintessential : The Bieber Fever

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