Paris, My Love Affair

J’aime Paris!
And so you think I swooned and fell in Love with the City of Love at first sight!
How could I when it was 0 degrees when I landed?
And so you know, I’m an equatorial baby –
Mmh, a time like this is the perfect blazing summer in my part of the world
So it wasn’t exactly the perfect midsummer night dream for me.
As I ambled by through the straight and narrow gates, boy what a sneering and Louis Vuitton strong accent met me at hallowed immigration gates!
The man literally couldn’t believe I had made it to this shores. One look – and I knew I had not come home to mama.
The fellas eyes, and his beaked nose (am from Africa – mine a perfect round! ), looked like he had spent the night drinking Caribbean Rum.
I guess the word Monsieur is always polite and makes you feel exquisite – even when you are not welcome.
That’s perhaps as much as I heard from his miffs and mumbles.
And after the ordeal of scrutinizing my passport and all paperwork he let me mingle with the rest beyond immigration.
Indeed I felt exquisitely unwelcome – Bienvenue Monsieur!
Eiffel tower -
Well, on my way to ‘sortie’ a smiley African bloke greets me… he must have smelt I was from the motherland, and what a better way to help a brother.
Taxi monsieur?
Oui.  I said – perhaps the only French word I know in the whole French dictionary
Well,  he must be from Senegal…or one of our neighbours back home, or so I thought.
I was slowly beginning to warm up within – inspired by the spirit of Ubuntu…. After all I had just met a brother (lol, in Africa we rarely say cousin!)
My hopes for conversation were shortlived though, as we hit a dead end in my few attempts once we were in the cab – language barrier real or feigned.
He simply refused to be Englishy with me; if anything he sounded more ‘dumb’ than his enthused self I had met not long ago.
All along he kept the sheepish smile though – and a few times mumbled ‘monsieur’ in his lesser than Vuitton accent.
Anyway, what did I care? I was in famous Paris after all – and I was about to swoon and be swept off my feet with all va va voom and vibe of this renowned city.
Mmh, my dreamy train was interrupted not long after we had gone under the lit tunnel.
We were already outside the hotel,  we were lucky we hadn’t caught any traffic.

My mind was still pre-occupied with all imaginings,  drinking Champagne, as we cruised along the Seine, going up the Eiffel Tower….

Excusez moi, monsieur,  billet….

It was time to pay my cab bill, and I was feeling really good that, and even feeling  that I would give him a tip.

Until he showed me the meter!

Well, this time I swooned,  actually almost!

Sad to say there wasn’t much love as I parted with 300 Euro;  this smooth operator had swindled me; brother indeed!

Merci Monsieur,  Bienvenue à Paris!…. he said as he drove off.

What could I say, I had exactly not fallen in love,  at least not yet.  But yeah, all for love I had paid so dearly…..

To be continued

3 thoughts on “Paris, My Love Affair

  1. I was smiling reading this until I saw 300 Euro. You must have taken the taxi to Versailles! Well, it happens I suppose when traveling. I have a love, not so lovely relationship with Paris. I love to visit in short trips. Anything under 1 year is a glorious time 🙂
    Bon Voyage!

    • How I wish it was to Versailles! I suppose we all learn our lessons. I certainly share in your love sentiment for Paris. Hopefully I will share some more on my love affair with this beautiful city in a future post. Thanks again for reading and sharing your experience

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