The Man in The Mirror

In the fight of life the strive for success and significance
Many a man often forget who they are in their essence
Tough to keep it straight when taking knocks on your face
So easy to lose faith when running such a tough race
So many reduced to hate and believing its their fate
And others will just sit nothing doing to their state
But its never too late
Madiba, Man In The Mirror
There is hope for another day
Where there’s a will there’s a way
It doesn’t have to end this way
There’s is a chance to try again
Never give up there is no gain
in this world there is no gain without pain
No free cookies, no free goodies
So get back to the game don’t be ashamed
And you better dead than playing so lame
No reason for excuses and O the blame game
Remember winners are Losers who never stopped trying again
And if you look inside you have a star within
Born to shine no matter your age, gender or shade of your skin
Made In His image not by chance you came to be
With the mind and heart to create and be all you can be
Designed and destined for significant living
You were made to thrive just keep on striving
Life is for living just keep on believing
Dare to dream big and never stop giving
So dust yourself up, lift your chin up,
Stand straight up, brace yourself up
Look at the man in the mirror
And remind him he is a great conqueror
A mighty man and great warrior
That he can be a hero
As no man was born to be a zero
#Dedicated to the Hero in ALL of US ~ Shine on in 2014~ #CreativeMondays

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