Analytical vs Creative: You Be The Jury

Analytical vs Creative
Not sure who wins this one, you be the jury! 
Crunching away at statistics using algorithms to arrive at conclusions?
Or relying on intuition to read the world?
As a creative, intuition comes to play any day.  It’s one unparalleled strength.
Dissecting numbers and statistical data – I guess this is an important skill desirable across the board – but boy I would rather leave this to a computer!
Academic work and research rely on analysis – there’s room however for creative expression, I suppose.
This fluidity and flow desirable in language and communication comes easily to the creatives.
The poetic may get flirty and flowery as they embrace the fluidity and flow in language.
In math and science – the likes of physics – its all about formula and facts.
This would certainly kill the muse in creatives – but I guess it gets the logical and analytical juices flowing.
Creatives owe it to their creative muses to make it happen, and a great portion of instinctive intuition.
Creatives are inspired by the abstract, sublime to the utter crazy.  Creatives are generally a crazy bunch.
I’m not too sure though where the analytical draw their inspiration. Complex problems and puzzles? Or maybe climate change!
Anybody out there who can share some perspective?

Well my submission – creatives and the analytical flood various industries and businesses each with their measure of strength and success. Obviously we need both; and in fairness an exercise of both faculties for our survival if not our success.

But I guess we gravitate more to the crazy artists than the prolific scientists. We would rather follow Lady Gaga and Rihanna than some hallowed professor who may have discovered or even invented the Holy Grail (whatever that is!)
I’m not sure if this is as a result of social conditioning or the crankies are just sheer plain fun.

You be the jury
Thinking out loud: wonder where politicians fit though as they are not like the philosophers of yore – but truelly they know how to spin a tale,  and sway the crowds. For sure speeches are a work of art. Not sure what is your take, feel free to have your say.

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