Creative Collaboration: My One Big Thing for 2014

So what is the big thing for me in 2014?
What is the one thing that can mean a big step forward towards achieving the goals and targets for this year?
Yeah,  I know it doesn’t look like much or say as much.  But come to think of it – what we often crave for or hope to succeed somebody somewhere has already done,  achieved or has the requisite knowledge to help you achieve it. In fact mostly they would be more than happy to share their wisdom and knowledge to get you going.  There is an common mantra that says “success breeds success”, and it makes absolute sense in every way.
It’s also amazing how much goodwill we have all around us if only we are aware and if we take the trouble to ask. I’m a strong believer of the ASK Principle – Ask, Seek, Knock! There is so much goodwill to go around and help us to get to where we need to get. There is always leveraged benefit through synergy where more is achievable together than if it was done individually.
So what is plan? I suppose this could be useful to you as well.
The plan is what I call Creative Collaboration – connecting and creatively collaboratively with others wherever they are around the globe in advancing and realizing shared interest.  I learnt so much on the magical power of this principle thanks to coaching! I extend special credit indeed to the wonderful coaches who have made great input in my journey so far. Thank you LuciaJanice, Emmanuelle and others for being the shining light that made me realize what was possible.
So it’s creative collaboration for me for 2014.  In fact we are already on with some really awesome collaborative stuff with my favourite coach Janice, with #OneAwesomeGoal. We also collaborate on our creative space #CreativeMondays via social media. You are most invited to join us on this initiatives, and hey even to kick-start a Creative Collaborative storm in your space in 2014. Yip, Go on, make it Happen!

So what is your Big thing for 2014?

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