So What is In a Title? The Tales, Trauma’s and Trademarks

Men and Titles -

What comes to mind when you hear or read Dr before a name
Or as it often happens, our society has taught us to introduce ourselves by what we do
So on average you would be introduced to the lawyer, the doctor,  the IT professional, the journalist and yeah I have once met the scientist and the neurosurgeon.
So what comes to mind when you read on somebody’s LinkedIn profile that they are an award winning motivational speaker and author…. or when they say on their blog that they are backpackers or photographers.  Yeah, what do you think when you me     et ordinary Tom – also known as Mr Tom or plain Jane – or Missy
Do you feel the same rush of intrigue and enthusiasm or even the sweaty thread of intimidation?
How do you introduce yourself and what is the tone and poise of your conversation?
Mmh, would it be “nice weather today” for them all including the climatologist (oops can they fix climate change and Global warming or is it cooling? ). I feel it for you folks – especially my friends in Minnesota and Chicago and of course the Bieber’s in Canada!
Would there be a wink of interest and a twinkle of enthusiasm for the plain Miss Jane as would for our Award winning folk?
We often seal the deal with the exchange of cards – works perfectly in our professional circles, and I guess if we really hit it we friend on Facebook (even though I hear this now fading like good ol MySpace!). Well,  of course for the idealists and philosophical like me your Twitter handle would be a good way to cut the chase. Wonder how much we care though about who and what we follow!
Anyway, in most of this occasions we seek to hold our own – and often seek to embellish who we are and the importance of what we do in titles. Certainly its worth it all to make a splash and not play small… But I wonder how much trauma sometimes we cause…

I suppose we often swoon at the title and miss pretty much the rest of everything
In conversational circles plain Jane’s don’t pull a crowd especially on impressions alone… I bet Dr won’t do you badly unless of course you are a weirdo
I suppose its often tempting to stop at titles on first impressions especially on the less colorful ones.. but you never know the intrigue you may be missing if you stop there.
My take: Behind every title there is a trauma, a tale and a trademark – people connect with us based on which we radiate.
Your Take: What is in a title for you?
What do you radiate that connects or disconnects with people.

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