Inspirational Saturday – The Seed Within

Inspirational Saturday
Starting NOW

There are so many apples in one seed and no one cares when the seed is sown;

Probably only those who are very close, are visionary or cognizant of your inner world.
In the right settings the seed grows to a sapling, and in time a sapling grows to a tree.
Yes you guessed it right!
Just as we never gave a hoot about the seed there is not as much enthusiasm about a tree.
All we care about is the fruit!  This is when recognition, celebration and excitement begins.
So you owe it to yourself to get this far in your journey; trusting the process.
Being patient as needed and delivering the end results that are relevant to your context and world.
Only at this point will the value of your seed and what it can do begin to attract public acclaim.


It’s in your hands!
The gifts and talents;

the moments and opportunities;
the promptings and possibilities.
Question is, what are you gonna do about it?
And who, nay what are you waiting for!
All you need is a moment, a time, a place to make it happen.
It’s not as complicated as you think or make it to be……
And always remember you can always choose….
This moment can be the beginning of the rest of your life! Make it count!
Excerpted from my Upcoming Writing Project – {Code name} #Timspiration ~ iWrite Project 2014

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