For Once in Your Life…. LIVE!

Reflective Sundays
jump off a plane
For once in your life,
jump off a plane,
dive into the deep sea,
move to another country,
give a big bear hug to a stranger,
scream out loud in the street,
wink at a stranger,….
lose your manners for a moment, …
stop by the road side and smell the flowers,
yeah for once in your life. ..LIVE!
After all NOW is all you got,
and you have never been more alive
till you have dived at the deep end of adventure
Excerpted from my Upcoming Writing Project – {Code name} #Timspiration ~ iWrite Project 2014
Quote of the Day
Opinions are like necks,¬† stick them out but never too much. Rather be a tortoise than a giraffe on this one sometimes- it’s safer that way ~ timitude #Quotes #Wisdom #Life
Wishing you a Reflective and Happy Sunday Ahead!
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