Journey of a thousand
Have you ever done something for the first time? Most probably yes! Everything we are doing right now each started as a single step. Whether bad or good, we all started with that one FIRST TIME! It all started with one thought, one touch, a taste; shivering, relaxed…. Its called the FIRST TIME! We are all easy and happier-now and flowing with the trend and we can’t even understand why some people get it wrong or are afraid. We now have the guts to say to others
try some of this, it gives you power-leaves you energetic-makes you feel you own the world!”
“Its fun, join in”.
 “Spice up! Make the soup sumptuous”  
We call it the first Time!!
The first time Sharon….Yeah Sharon my niece, ever separated from her Mum for a week. Whoo! I thought she would be the one crying- we all ended up ‘sad’, couldn’t come to terms that the house was dull without her. I remember that first night, we making countless calls just to check up if she was okay; what she had for dinner and all that. Actually it wasn’t bad for her! She seemed happy – (i guess she was free like a bird). You know what? ‘that was the last time I ever saw Sharon!!
Maybe I should write about her next time I meet her, perhaps with another title ‘Second time’. Haha! watch out!
I was actually thinking about the challenge from my friend Tim (or is it Timitude?) on #Creative Mondays – and so finally decided to take it on. I’m not an expert writer yet, but here I’m, with a pen and paper (actually typing) trying to figure it all like him. Yes, like Tim! 
Its my first time to write such an article. Wohoo! Cant wait for my next one.
They were right when they said ‘a thousand mile journey-begins with a single step’.
Dare to step!
This post has been submitted for #CreativeMondays thanks to my friend, Nelson.
You are most welcome to Collaborate with us every Mondays via Twitter under #CreativeMondays or send in any guest posts that can be published on this blog.
Looking forward to your creative posts!


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