Words are Swords

***Poetic Tuesdays***

words are swords

Words are swords
To lift up or to cut down
Its words we use
To make or to break
Even the strongest
Cannot survive
This slashing knife
Harsh words cut deeper
Inflict wounds
That even the echoes of time
Find hard to heal
And Oh,
The power of sweet words
They bring healing
Deep within
The healing balms of Gilead
Smother me anyday!
Words of Love
Words of Hope
Words of Comfort
Speaking Faith
Invigorating Spirit
Renewing Souls
Breath of Fresh Air!
Words are Swords
Double edged
Our tongue cuts
To hurt
Or to heal
To sweeten
or build bile
Words are Swords
For War
Or Peace
No In Between
Douse the fire
With Oil
Or Water
Your Choice!
Words are
And Before Swords
Were Words!
Words the Scalpel to Save
Words the Swords to Kill
Words Are Swords!
Poetic Tuesdays

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