Whispers of Summer: Meeting Heather!

summer time

It’s called sunning and tanning and so it happens in summer by the sandy beaches.  Where the waters are blue and the sun is golden and there are cackles of laughter and bottles of fun. It’s a beautiful time to hang out with friends, perhaps to meet strangers; to make merry and rest away after so much toil. It’s time for the perfect holiday!
That’s how I met Rita, by the palm trees not too far from our hotel. She had the perfect eyes that made day out of night and a lithely figure beyond compare.  Her smile was like the juxtaposition of several moons and she wore an easy face and charm that was gentle, so breezy as the wafts aloft the ocean.
Single?  So I thought.  She must be, she just has to be.
Between the charms of endearing conversation.  My mind pondered the eternal question.
What hast a man got to do to get such a beautiful lass?

Of course. You read the script.
That’s where it all begins. Right gentlemen?
Yeah, the Godammned and hallowed Gentleman’s Guide book to good girls.
Mmh,  I wonder if this was approved for the reading list on Oprah – but again, what does Oprah know on such matters.

Dr . Phil maybe?
Rubbish,  utter rubbish.  Think my lad,  you only got one shot. As the Gringos once said – ‘Go big or Go home!’
“The lamp….. The lamp is gone”,  I muttered!
She seemed not bothered.
No she wasn’t a snob.  No not my girl.
She must have fallen through the cracks of heaven with the pose and elegance all about her.

Ahem! Breath in and out.
Twisted my head and angled it so I was fully facing the setting sun – and so was on the blind side.  Perfect slight indeed!

And with a little less than a gasp – I motioned towards my chin. So slightly below.

“Ahem! Can’t,  can’t talk.  Dry throat,  dry throat!”. I stuttered
The whisper was low but loud and I could sense she understood.

So much sympathy I could see in her face, she was thoroughly stirred by my plight that she invited me to their tent.

“Come have some water…. I have some that should be warm.

Will add some lemon and ginger for your throat.

My mother taught me you know…..” she said.

Music to my ears!  I was home and dry!
Treated with so much care,  I didn’t give a care.  I was with Rita…..

“My name is Heather….” she said smiling.  “I’m a Doctor by profession. … a paediatrician to be precise. I love children…..

And you are?”

Ooh, pathetic the things that such sweltering looks can do to a man!
Who can regret being smitten by the unforgiving bug?
I suppose it was time to throw away the gentleman’s book and be properly introduced.

“Ahem!  I’m…..” (to be continued,  over to you now)


Dedicated to all the timid dudes (Tongue in Cheek (TIC) 🙂 in search of Love.

Tips and That: Throw away the Gentleman’s book, and take the plunge

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