Letter to my Unknown friend: Yours in Destiny!


I know we haven’t met,  I wake up everyday looking forward to that day when we will.
I don’t know where you are, but I know who you are and what you mean to me. All I know is my success and destiny is tied to you. I know we are not even neighbours yet – but we will be someday – somewhere in corners of the world.
I have met several of you in the past – in very unexpected places and circumstances – all I know is that the impact was significant. In fact it changed my life forever.  In this I have learnt to always be open and on the look out for when we will meet – be it a virtual meet or in the street. I’m open,  I’m curious – I know you are keen too and look forward to it.
And so I’m not fooled anymore that my world is limited to what I see and all those around me.  I have come to know that reality goes beyond this sphere – and there’s so much to see and learn out there.  I have come to appreciate that people come for a reason and for a season. That the world is like a big stage where they are entries and exits to every act.  That its normal and ok for people to exit your stage when they’ve completed their part.  And that your destiny is not tied to anyone who left. 
So I have learnt to let go and move on knowing that with each day there’s new grace to carry on in this race.
So I long for you my friend; for I know you have a big part to play in getting me closer to my destiny.
There’s so much to share and discover and it’s so easy to settle and be stuck in a mindset.  And especially when everyone thinks you are cool and you got it covered – and all you think is – if only they knew!
The undying hunger to grow and learn,
the dissatisfaction with status quo,  the potential and power within and beyond the shore,  the longing to be more, the desire to live the best expression of self and more…. if only they knew! 
I guess too bad. They don’t know, and might never know! As they say familiarity does breed contempt. And the prince or princess within might remain a pauper – knowing not the possibilities of who they are,  even though they were born for greatness!
Mmh, and thus this choice,  this clarion call. ..  this shout out.  To those near and far,  those who can sense and connect to our true self. Truelly, madly,  deeply. Those who are not intimidated by the oozing stream of potential,  those who dazzle in the light of greatness and inspire them to shine even brighter.  Yes,  those who are drawn in but never too far out – for deep within they know there’s more to see than meets the eye.
So to you my friend; the clarion call is gone out and I know when you hear it, you will know it. It’s the season to dare greatly – pay no attention to the sneers or the naysayers.  Be wary of the envy even among friends. And even more; be bold to stand firm in the midst of challenge, conflict and controversy. 
I know we will shine through – we will make it!
I suppose there’s so much more to say,  but let me spare some for the days to come. 
Meantime I will look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe and keep dreaming my friend!

Until next time!
Yours in destiny

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