Dear January : My Love Hate Relationship


Dear January,

Let me get to the gist of it!
You broke my heart in December when you promised me much fun at very discounted rates without losing the benefits of new beginnings in the New Year. So I was tempted and danced myself broke in between the suave and sexy sales deals of the season.
Of course you got me excited when it hit 1st January – and you said – as many others told me Happy New Year! (Others even still do! )  And even went ahead to wish me lots of happiness and prosperity in the new dispensation. Sadly even with my enthusiasm and new found optimism my bank balance refused to reflect the same.
If anything I seemed to be limping from bad to worse. Here is another reason that even complicates our relationship. It’s now past mid month,  and look at what you have done to my resolutions.  You have messed them over once again! I have struggled with my keep fit gym routine,  especially in the past week even though I started with so much spirit in my sprint.
How do we go from here then. I feel like quiting and folding it up once again.
Oh,  January – I thought we were friends, but look at how much of the same you are piling up on my plate.  I thought you said you would change and this year would be different! What happened oh dear friend?
Now before I lose it,  I must say I’m happy because in a few days you will be out of my calendar anyway.  I honestly I can’t wait to say good riddance;  especially if the pay cheque makes it on time in the next few days.  Mmh, I was about to ‘Let’s drink to that’ with a pint of celebration,  but I realize my pockets can’t take the damage. I barely even make it to the shops to pick the measly stuff we need for our house….
I guess all I’m saying is;  I want you out of my life – out of my way!
I know February will bring lots of love with roses and romance for Valentine…..but for you.  I hate you right now!
I blame you,  I blame you,  and I absolutely blame you for all my woes!

Dedicated to all those who are feeling the heat and the pangs of the first month of 2014. Don’t give up or quit yet;  soldier on – the best is yet to come.

If you ever need help in realigning your goals or resolutions for 2014, my friend Janice may be able to assist.  Check out the #OneAwesomeGoal initiative.

Wishing you a joyous Friday nevertheless!

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