Inspirational Saturday: Womanity!

Inspirational Saturday: Womanity!
womanity `
I may not be perfect but I’m available
I may not be all that but I put my heart and soul to all I do –
I love with abandon, I live with passion.
There’s never a dull moment as I know all we got is NOW and a hope for tomorrow.
I may not be the ideal dream,  but I’m the real deal.  I bring dreams to reality.
I may not be smart ass,  but I’m never afraid to work my ass and make happen.
I make the Impossible and I believe in miracles baby!
I may not always have it figured out,  but I’m fun and adventure;
Mysterious is my other name.  And I bring it on – never a dull flame;
Always bring my ‘A’ game. I’m never a plain Jane!
Sorry if you like to compare!
So she got ‘ass’; I got sass
She got ‘A’s in school; I got ‘A’s in life
She is the ideal;  I’m the real deal baby!
I guess I never always fitted in – I wish I could say I did.
But I always kept it real deep within.
I will always be a honest being, I will never be a fake.
I got a mind of my own, so you bet we will oft disagree or agree to disagree.
I’m never the ‘Yes’ woman
I’m looking neither for a ‘Yes’ Samson.
A tough cookie yes,  but yet deep within a soft tender heart of lilac.
I got soul too baby, And pretty swag to boot!
So if you got agenda
Looking out for some’n tender
I’m out there to discover
A tad away from the ordinary
Get ready for the rocking rider
It’s time for adventure!
I’m Woman,
I’m Womanity
The Essence of femininity!

Dedicated to all the beautiful women in our world. You make the universe go round – a good run for dear brothers!

Quote of the day:

“Don’t take a good woman for granted, someday someone will come along and appreciate what you didn’t.”

#Quotes #Wisdom#Relationships

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