Creative Mondays: Of Loud Music and Energy

Sing out Loud
There’s something so energizing screaming out on top our lungs.  Be it in a game of rugby,  soccer or in basketball.
Unfortunately I’m not such a big sports fanatic and so rarely would you find me near a pitch.
I guess this makes me terrible, but I guess there’s space for diversity in our world. Isn’t there?
Anyway, I guess it makes me look for a compensation point.  And guess what I discovered?
Nothing really beats rusty, loud and often off pitch sing along to your favourites pumpy tunes as you drive along the streets of life!
I have found this to be very useful in getting me inspired and fired up especially on a Monday morning.
Talk of giving yourself a kick or a shot in the arm besides a capacunolicious cup of coffee at your favourite coffee bar (more about this at another time! ).
So in such sacred moments of inspiration I would press play on my favourite high pumping tune, crank up the volume and sing along, annoyingly loud!
Nothing gives me the kicks as the passersby staring at me – wondering whether to sing along or to assign me to some mental asylum.
The motorists are equally lost and generally would keep their distance – not sure because they don’t want to disturb the peace – or probably to keep safe.
Either way it makes me feel acknowledged by the universe for making my dent (to borrow Steve Jobs words) on it even if in a small way!
You bet by the time I get to work I’m all fired up and in high spirits – something that not so many mortals get to achieve especially on a Monday morning!
See I discovered that Monday is perhaps the most underrated and unappreciated day of the week.
In fact to me it’s perhaps the most creative day of the week of them all! (Will write about this soon on one of the posts).
So what makes your Monday?
What energizes you at the beginning of yet another week?
Until very recently, just like so many others out there, It was Blue Monday for me. But Not anymore!
Its no longer crazy Monday’s neither – rather it’s creative Mondays that leads to so much creativity and fun!
Even more exciting we are inviting anyone who cares to join us to share their creativity via #CreativeMondays via Twitter and FaceBook.
This has inspired a creative mindset for me and others, so why not join this collaborative creative initiative and explore the possibilities thereof.
Yip, you are most welcome too to try some of the crazy ideas (like my sing out loud idea) that can ignite your creative spark. I know its a big dare for some of you…
Anyway if you are too scared you might be assigned to some cranky institution, take comfort in the fact that you are a creative,  a rare and unique breed of people in our world today.
Whatever triggers your creative flow, make sure to indulge in it as often. We are creative beings after all and we become more of it the more we are aware and the more we indulge in it.

Wishing you an Ultra Creative Monday and an energized week ahead!

4 thoughts on “Creative Mondays: Of Loud Music and Energy

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