Creative Mondays: Start Today, Never Let your Idea Die in your Head!

ideas and action

I felt cornered when I got an e-mail clearly stating that this space is mine to fill for this week….this is quite a challenge as I have been very scared to put pen to paper for some years now, call it laziness or whatever, I just call it “penphobia” (yeah, go figure!!!).

Since you are stuck with this “penphobic” writer this week, I guess its best we get started, I only have one chance to make a first impression so we better get started.

Ever regretted anything at any point in your life? Well I have, severally infact and you will agree with me that the worst regret anyone can feel is not of what is done wrongly but usually what isn’t attempted. I’ll explain.

I once had cravings for lovely pop-corn while at work and thought it would be a great idea to start a pop-corn gourmet business around corporate organisations where staff can just take a stroll down and purchase or call in for it to be delivered to them, well, that was where it ended for me, a thought.

I never followed up on that thought and just let it slip only to be reminded of that same idea when I saw a packaged pop-corn just as I thought. It was just like someone picked out the idea from my head and worked on it. Today, It has become a regular snack around and it took a lot for me to stop feeling bad for not acting on it the moment I thought of it.


This post has been submitted for #CreativeMondays thanks to my wonderful friend Adeola, in Lagos, Nigeria.

#CreativeMondays is a Creative Collaboration Space (CCS :)) open to anyone who would like to share their creativity with the World. We look forward to receiving your Creative piece which we will share via this forum or via Social Media #CreativeMondays!

2 thoughts on “Creative Mondays: Start Today, Never Let your Idea Die in your Head!

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