Listen: Live the Significant Life

Listen to the inner conversations of your soul.
Hear the sound and leading of destiny.
Hear the vibrations and frequency,
The rhythm of life that determines your pace,
The stream of thought oozing out of your essence, they set the tone of your presence
Rivers of joy or gallows of sorrow
The gut feel of your bossom, never distrust or disrespect.
It’s your life compass and saver. No one and nothing should drown it out
The angsts and pains and even the mundane headache – they have a tell to tale only if you listen.
Listen, and distil each and every voice has it’s place.  Passing a message so loud and clear.
Listen close,  listen deep – matters eternal and divine hid within.
Listen to the rants and raves of your body,
The aches of your being its whims not to fulfil, but it’s deeper rhythm to discern
Its patterns to discover. It’s convictions to live.
Listen,  and listen even closer – the musings of spirit – the wisdom of existence radiate.
Listen and after you have listened, hear the whispers of significance
And tiptoe to the mountain tops and see the promised land and realize
You are called to a sacred and significant life

In celebration and memory of Martin Luther King Junior – Happy #MLKJ Day to all my American friends.

7 thoughts on “Listen: Live the Significant Life

  1. What a lovely verse! This is a great reminder to all of us in the midst of all the din of modern life made highly sophisticated by our quickly advancing technologies—which has been drowning the beautiful calling, “You are called to a sacred and significant life.”

  2. Thanks Melisa, Its one of those sobering reminders as you say especially in the din of modern life. Thank you for your comment and for stopping by. I also really love your postings on your blog. Well done!

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