The Idea of Home: Where’s Home?

home sweet home
The idea of home is one of those fascinating and some cases difficult conversations.
It’s an interesting one; every so often we are asked this all important question in various social forum’s we find ourselves.
So where do you come from?   Would be the typical polite question.
Sometimes it is even worse with the presumption that just because you were born in a certain corner of the world therefore you belong there – and perhaps be roaming its streets! Even worse your passport and identity documents assigns you a particular nationality for which you are stuck with willy nilly. How do you deal with this?
Where is home for you?
Say you were born in Nairobi in the 80s to British parents – you moved to South Africa when you were still little and later on went to study in London, and now you are living the life in New York. Where is home then?
Or you were born in Zimbabwe and yeah, you later relocated with your family to Australia. You now have a family of your own and pretty much settled there.  Or say you are from Massachusets and you are now living in Costa Rica, in fact you own a business next to one of the beautiful beaches there.
So where is home?
The English tried to fix this with the ‘East- West home is best’ adage and obviously there’s never been a shortage of patriots who have cared to shout this loudest whenever they were confronted with this question.
Others have been more camouflaged or philosophical saying ‘home is where your heart is’ or where you are comfortable.  Yet others have prefered to define home from a seasonal perspective,  pretty much that humanity is a migrant species never known to settle anywhere forever. Come to think of it – humanity has moving from place since the beginning of time!
Whatever the definition, we are all faced with this question so often.  Globalization has not made it simple either, especially as people have continued to converge in cities.  Would you still consider the tiny village or town that you have never been to in the last 20 years to still be home? Or would the big city or the new country you moved to be home for you?
What is your ideal and what is your dream or is home just a matter of history, origins and birth and are stuck with that for the rest of our lives?
What is home for you?

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