Thursday Musings: Of Exams, Tests and Life

 final exams

I’ve just hit the submit button on one of those school assignments (sigh! I’m not too far from crossing the finish line!) – and such a sense of relief even though I have been doing this all my life. Exams, tests,  assignments call them by any other name, are rarely what we look forward to in life.  The interesting thing however is that our world is conditioned and built around them;  whether in school where the hoops are part of the process (to success or not!) or corporate life with all its deadlines and pressure. Either way Life spurns so many tests and surprises.
Undoubtedly preparation is the name of the game,  cliché as it maybe, this is where the game is won or lost.  Process , process, process is what it’s all about and often the results should speak for themselves. Or as my fellow coach Janice once posed, ‘a society that focuses on process, how does it look like?’
Again, as a results driven society rarely do we reflect much on this.  If anything we deride or would rather skip it all together and get to the fun stuff.
The sense of focus and dedication normally required in the preparation process is usually immense – all for a day of performance – mostly on a piece of paper, a panel or a platform of technology is where it usually ends.
Well, …..
Sometimes we do draw on collaboration and lots of input from others to achieve this one goal and often we do succeed in our effort.  The discipline of deadlines often challenges us to up our game – mostly it energizes us to perform.  It makes us put our best foot forward to realize our ambition.
Well, ……

In the process, the impossible is achieved. Sadly we rarely internalize this to re-use it in other circumstances in life.
Just as it in a school, we often forget that life is one big endless exam or series of tests….. and we aren’t about to be done yet.
So I guess for now, its a sigh of relief, but really more ‘catch my breath’ before embarking on next test.
On another note, its not that sombre, I can almost see that cheesy smile on your face that says – ponder its Thursday ~ one more day before Friday! Yeah, I will drink to that!

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