TimSpirational Saturdays: The Journey of a Lifetime

Journey of a Lifetime
As you trudge on in this life, in your sojourn to Divine Destiny

Through paths ancient and some untrodden
Through hills and valleys and vast lands
May your journey be fulfilling and full of thrill
As you cross the vast fields so often find kindness;
The shelter of trees and song of birds give you encouragement to carry on
Through the valley as you go down the dark alley; may the Light of Hope shine through –
Reminding you are not alone – so many have made it through before
The songs and tales of your Forefathers cheer you on and keep you strong
Their dream and aspiration inspire you to want to live to see tomorrow
As you go up the hills and peaks and the daunting challenge of steepy climbs
May the Spirit of Faith carry you on to dare to be great and never quit
Always reminded you were born to win
Through the meadows and plains be renewed;
Reminded by flowers, bees and trees to savour the current moment
That it never is just about the end, but to enjoy the sights and sounds of today
Your spirit and sense keep alive.
Never too hard on self to split a laugh and pause between to catch your breath
The deserts will come and test your forbearance
That you may handle with grace Guided by His Grace
Through agonies and pains and difficulties of terrain
The oasis of refreshing may you find to keep you steady on the forward step
Through the jungle and the wild to be alert and agile
Awake and alive to the wiles of the wild beasts and the vile
Survival of the fittest is the rule of the wild
But you will survive my dear child
You have come too far to be eaten alive
You were born to thrive not to survive
Through it all never in vain
Make it through the narrow gates
Glorious and Gallant
For you will be triumphant
For you will arrive with the sounding of Trumpets!
And you will make it through
To the Golden Gates of Glory my son
Dedicated to ALL of us in this Life – We are all on The Journey of a Lifetime!

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