Psalm360 Sundays: A Friend for ALL Seasons

True friendship
Have you ever had a friend
Who was always by your side
One of those hard to find
And when they left you felt empty inside
Strangely you just met by the roadsides
You just found each other and connected
Hit it off like you known them all their lives
And now wonder if ever you’ll find another
You know that feeling ‘it was meant to be’
When you meet one closer than a brother
But just a friend so close but not a lover
And never thought it would never be over
You always miss them and wish you were together
Time has past and you never got it over
Fancy still one day they just might come over
But then you wonder with time they might just be a stranger
Once or twice you thought should i call?
But you remember you lost their number
You even once tried to ask Auntie Google
But then again so much trouble why bother
Why are good friends so hard to find?
And those we find leave when least expected?
I know sometimes we think it’s our fault
And so we spend days filled with sorrow and guilt
But then this is life nothing is forever
In the end everything happens for a reason
Even Good friends leave at the end of their season
But a friend for all seasons where can a man find?
—  — —  —
Dedicated to all those who have met one such a friend –
And ever pondered such questions

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