Creative Mondays: IT’S IN YOU

You deserve to sparkleWe were born with it, we have it and it’s all within us. Think of that one thing that sparkles your ego,
that very thing that you do so well, yah that one thing so small yet it has a great impact.
You look around and you see a good singer, the best soccer player, the perfect teacher, the wonderful father,
oh the devoted Christian, the genius, yah you can count them.
Then you ask why isn’t it me? Why is she getting the trophy?
Why is he promoted? Why isn’t it working? Why, Why?
This all boils down to that very thing that’s outstanding IN THEM, which is also in YOU.
Look at it! What is it that strikes your bosses attention towards you?
Is it how you dress ( then you could be a next Tyra Banks..).
Is it how you compile the minutes and reports (you could be next best writer!).
Is it how challenge his opinions (you could be the next famous politician).
Is it how you sing and dance in team building ( you should be working on your studio now!).
Or Is it how you prepare his tea ( Oh you must be a Chef!). No, no wait,
Is it how you drive him (next Michael Schumacher??).
Could be how you make him laugh ( you are the funniest person in the world then, haha!)
It starts by finding what you love doing and giving it the best. Every winner has a story and it didn’t start at a jack point.
It started when he was doing what he loves the most. Yes, with that single thought, that repetitive hesitation, that one step, now a superstar. Just as it is amazing how a tree and fruits emerge from a single seed, same way is how our recognition will stand. Whatever it is, know that, that’s a shining star to your destiny.


Another beautiful challenging and inspiring piece from our friend, Nelson Kennedy – in Kenya – East Africa.

#CreativeMondays is a Creative Collaboration Space (CCS :)) open to anyone who would like to share their creativity with the World. We look forward to receiving your Creative piece which we will share via this forum or via Social Media #CreativeMondays!

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