Timspirational Weekend: Friends, We All Need Them [Part 1]

friends we all need them

Friends, we all need them. For happy days and sad ones, friendship is a core fibre of life. Friends make our world, expanding our perspectives and experiences through moments shared and encounters.
Friends, we all need them but what kind of friends should we have then? Trudat good friends are hard to come by especially those who will stick around in difficult times, but life is diverse and we need different friends for different reasons and even seasons.
We need friends for Summer, Winter; Rainy days and Sunny days.
Some friends glow will only shine in times of hardships – and often this are the minority. Never assume that just because they stuck with you during lean times now they know how to throw a celebration party for you! You need the party animals who know how to celebrate you and with you. Never force a particular character on a type of friendship. Rather look for a friendship fit for a desired role. I always say – I have so many vacancies for new friends for various roles, spheres and areas of interest. If I’m getting started on gym – I need a gym buddy. If it is a fascination with the arts – I would look around for one who cares about this things. If stepping into business or entrepreneurship, I’d get a business minded friend who talks and dreams business!
And yes, I also need a friend to call on when I get in trouble. Or one to consult on matters relating to finances or money – (I suppose even better if they had deep pockets! ).
There are friends who are just nice to have around for their company; others to consult whenever needed – others to call once in a while – and very few to carry around deep in your soul for the rare connection that you share. This are soul mates, best friends or friends of ALL seasons which often we are lucky and blessed to find in this life.
So look around this weekend, be open to make some friends, be open to update the friend records. Yes, be open to be more alive than ever through the power and gifts of friendship that can change your life forever for the better (or for worse! ).
Remember we may not choose our family, that is given to us, but we can choose our friends. Choose wisely and have fun!

Wishing you all a friend-some weekend!

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