Psalm360 Sundays: Dear February!

feb pls be romantic

Dear February!

I suppose I must say I love you as much as I dread you.  You are of course way better than your cousin January! You are the prospect of love and romance,  yeah we can look forward to hotter days in my part of the hemisphere and yeah I officially grow older within the 22 days of your anniversary!  I guess that’s where I love you and dread you a bit.  You are too straight to the point and run out too soon!

Anyway,  nice to have you…. well received with hugs and kisses.  Yeah, the season to rekindle love and ignite that spark….it will be anniversary time @the #iTudes household… our celebration of when we said our for better or for worse vows….and yes when my LifeApp said ‘I do’ just before Valentino put on the evening gown! Excitos!
Well, not such a bad start!

Fair chap Feb! The last I checked I had a positive bank balance – pray, hope stays that way during your brief stay.  Not a bad idea, a friend even offered to cook dinner for myApp and I for Valentino’s; even though I think she should be out enjoying cappuccinos with potential suitors.  Anyway, all I care is the sun is out and looks like we gonna have some good fun with you around!

I guess I only have one wish Month of Love – especially for my single friends who are out in the mingle.  I know you are not Santa, but I suppose you may just be distant cousins and you could pull a trick or two for my dear pals.  Could you sprinkle a twinkle of love in their cups this summer?  Could you surprise them with hugs and winks even from strangers?  Yeah, fill them with positive expectation of good….and surprises of a lifetime!

Anyway have to go now, it’s Sunday heading out to church now. When I say my prayers I will remember you too my friends.  May love find your address.

Dedicated to all my friends who are looking forward to real love in this season.

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