Creative Mondays: Life, 5 Things I Know For Sure!

what i know for sure
It’s All about Relationships: Invest and Build

It is always and it will always be about Relationships.  Life is all about people. Things and tools are useful but in the end relationships is what matters. I have learnt its all about people. Esteeming and putting value on others,  offering goods and services with a view of being of service to others.  This is what makes business. So put and build value in people and be amazed at what comes back to you. Life is Relational!

Life is Personal: Take Responsibility
It is up to us to make of our lives what we desire.  No one is responsible to make it happen for us except ourselves.  We also are equipped with whatever it takes to be all we can be in our lives and they should be no excuses. So take it personal,  step into the ring of life and fight it out. Nothing is beyond you. Your dreams and goals are within reach if you plan and take action. You will succeed in the end. So Take Responsibility!


We are here for a Mission: Find Your Cause
It is for cause that we are here.  Find out your purpose,  why you are here.  Your unique strengths, gifts, abilities, personality and experiences also acronymed SHAPE (Strengths, Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences) provide you the True North to know what you should be doing.  Find out what you are passionate about,  and what you truelly care about or has meaning to you. What can you do for others around you. What are the needs that resonate with you.
Ultimately your mission and purpose will be about solving problems and meeting needs for the greater good of humanity.

Build on your Strengths not your weakness

Discover your strengths and leverage that to your advantage. That is your winning point and opportunity to greatness. Strengths are part of the low hanging fruit that can give you a great head start whatever you choose to pursue.  If you are good with words Poetry and Speech writing could be your port of entry to influence.  If you are a great orator politics could be your forte and so on. So major on your strengths and manage around your weaknesses. And always remember, never to downplay your strengths, they are pretty much all you’ve got and your false sense of humility doesn’t help. So go for it with no apologies!

Lose it to gain it: Gotta Give up to go up!
I have found that the paradox of greatness is around losing to gain.  This is also known as the Law of Sacrifice. Its all about the willingness to pay the price for what we are believing for. It’s true if you are too self absorbed in what you have at hand you will miss out on the opportunity to lay hold of what is possible.  As Columbus famously said ‘You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore’.  For you to be great and achieve our potential we have to give up something to go up. For you to be what you want to be, something is gotta give. You Gotta Give up to Go Up!
Wishing you an Inspired #CreativeMonday!
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