Tuesday Musings: When Truth is Not Enough!

Truth meter
We often say the ‘truth will set free’ or ‘say it like it is’. And somehow with that said, we should get comfort that we have done our part; and it’s over to the other party now, I suppose. Wonder if you have ever considered the impact of such an approach.  Or whether indeed it’s the most ideal way to engage.  Think of a time when a friend or a colleague or even a family member ‘told you the truth’ and it left you flat on the floor groaning in agony and pain wondering if the person really cared or perhaps could have communicated better.
Think of the one time you spoke your mind and let the other person know your honest opinion and it didn’t turn out too well.  Yes, they may not have resented you but the message was certainly not well received.  If anything a rebellion was the result instead.

So what should you do then?  Whose fault is it anyway? Or who’s responsible for the aftermath of ‘truth’? Shouldn’t the truth be obvious? Shouldn’t truth be medicine though it bites?

Think of words. Kind words. Spoken with consideration and love. A message delivered and sealed with care and compassion.  What happened when people were kind yet honest with you?  How did it feel when the person smiled at you and patted you in the back as they assured you that though the choices you had to make and actions you had to take were tough and difficult, you would be okay in the end and that you were doing the right thing?

Yes, sometimes, In fact mostly, truth alone is just not enough. And for it to be enough it must be embalmed with love and compassion.  It must be accompanied by soothing words of kindness, encouragement and hope.
Yes, it’s what the good book calls ‘speaking the truth in love’.

Ultimately Truth only becomes effective when coupled with its other twin – Love! I suppose it beckons upon us to always remember as we engage and communicate with others; that truth alone is never enough – we must always couple it with care and consideration. Then can it have its desired effect.

—— Wishing you a compassionate and considerate day!——–

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