#TBT: Woman, A Flower!

Made to flourish beauty of humanity
Child of awe and mysterious wonder
Subtle, soft the ultimate sophistication
Drive boys crazy the perfect intoxication
Fragrance that draws butterfly kisses
Nectary that brings the bees dancing
Sense and sensibility with cockles of cheer
Charm, Consideration and Charisma
Garden of a thousand blossoms
Buzzing and blooming with petals of colour
Greens, Ambers, Yellows and Rainbows
Make the world go wow weave of splendor
Wild at heart the call to enchanting
Treat with tender love and care
Nurture and cherish with appreciation
Fill their stem with support and appreciation
Feel the filament of love and emotion
The ravishing radiance of magnificence
Always amazing never a bore
Carpels of tricks full of surprises
Stigma or Style sensitive and intuitive
Freshness and fervor the signature of flair
Feisty at best no stigma or drama
Sepals and petals caring and nurturing
Imagine a world without them
World without floating fairies and fruits
World incomplete without fantasy and obsessions
No words like princess and damsel in distress
Breath of life and dose of inspiration
What would we do without your aura
Where would the world be without ovaries and ovules!
Imagine in the Garden if Adam was without Eva
Wandering all over with no fragrance and aroma
Woman, a flower you are the wonder of creation
Dedicated to ALL The Flowers that Colour Our World!

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