Blank Fridays: The Genius Behind Your Creativity

creative genius
The genius behind creativity lies in the philosophy of playfulness and ‘just do it’. A curious and inquisitive mindset that is keen to explore and experiment what is not necessarily conventional or tried and true.  The courage to go beyond ‘we have always done it this way’ thinking to ‘what if, why and why not’ that speaks to infinite possibilities and ideas.  Often it is easy to just think about some of the possibilities around us but the genius of creativity goes beyond this and sets up a lab to test such thinking even further. This is where insightful discoveries are made and real ingenuity unlocked, leading to even more creativity and ideas.

There are several misconceptions about creativity; among them that it’s the preserve of a few or that you have to have a high IQ to be a creative.  Far from it! Others associate it to being schooled at high levels or being of a certain personality type. Creativity spawns all divides and can be found and is expressed in various spheres and sectors around us.  It is a mindset, a way of seeing things and a way of life. I know there’s a greater bias and celebration of this aspect in the arts for example but this doesn’t make creativity their preserve.  Even the most mundane and colourless of personas have their own creative edge. In fact creativity is a universal human trait innate in all of us. Just remember the things you used to do as a child, or observe children express this without much thought.

So what is around you today?  What do you see?  Even more importantly how do you see things around you?

what do you seeLook at the picture above.  Describe what you see.  Feel free to share your perspectives in this blog post.  You will be amazed at different points of views that may emanate from different people seeing the same thing but from different perspectives.  Creativity is about perspective and there’s no right or wrong – just different. This should encourage you to explore the different perspectives about aspects and topics of interest. In the process you will discover and learn and explore your creativity.  I have also endeavoured to do the same through writing everyday.  Yip, this piece is the expression of my creativity for today. Hope you find inspiration and value in it, and are inspired to go explore and experiment and indulge your creativity.

What does it for you? Is it painting? Solving problems? Designing artifacts? Whatever it may be, find room to indulge in it.

Wishing you a curious and creative Friday!

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