Hope: What My Uncle Told Me!

‘Always live in hope’, my uncle once told me (God bless the memory of his soul). As a young lad,  eighteen or nineteen at the time, I didn’t know much of what that meant or should look like but somewhat this helped me through the difficult seasons ahead and saw me hold on to hope through college,  the passing on of our dear parents and confronting the challenges that came with career and relationships. We laid my uncle to rest late last year,  a fine man who served his purpose and made such a massive impact on me even though I can almost count the number of words he ever spoke to me.  Interestingly in my later years we could talk and joke about many other things including life and politics,  but I must say the four words he spoke to me as a teenager made all the impact through my life and I have shared the same with others along the way.

Simply, always live in that positive space of expectation that things will change for the better;  that they will be a better tomorrow;  that things will not always be the way they are now.  That If things are bad,  the situation will improve for the better; If things look good, they could be better.  There is always hope for better things tomorrow.  For the rich and the poor,  for the unemployed and the working,  for the homeless and the destitute.Yes, there is hope for your dreams and ambitions; there’s hope for a brighter and better day in your life if you are going through difficult times.  

So always live in hope,  or as Jesse Jackson famously said – ‘Keep Hope Alive!’ 

The Book of Jeremiah in the Bible perhaps sums it up in the most beautiful way;

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope’  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Wishing you a Hope filled Sunday and Week!

In Memory of Uncle Tom, a Man of Family and Wealth of Wisdom. 

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