Creative Mondays: The Chains….

Someone once said ‘we live all our life time in chains wishing and wishing, not knowing we have the key.’  The key is right there my friend!  Every problem has a solution; every mis-calculated mistake has a correction. So sad to say the solution hurts…the mistake couldn’t be erased but at least corrected.

These are the pains we live in; pains of holding on to grudge that could be resolved, pains of not telling the truth when you ought to, pains of not letting it go when it’s time to say bye, pains that cause tears that can’t be wiped, pains harder than you can withstand. Clogged up together (hatred, jealousy, stinginess, murder, unforgiveness )  and your life is in CHAINS!

You feel you are on a barrier, no one can hear you- leave alone understanding you.

It’s time to swallow your pride, raise your head up high and say, ‘Am sorry’ (that’s the Key)

This piece of article is dedicated to my brother Henry- I can’t think of him being in Chains- I can’t think of him holding grudges he couldn’t resolve, of either being heartless or unforgiving.  I can’t think of him as such ……..but yah, now in Chains, real chains- behind bars.  If there could be any hope of a mistake being corrected- family being re-united- a drunkard being sober – a molested girl tears being dried up. Then there is hope for a single good tomato, being separated from a sack full of rotten tomatoes. I love you bro (Henry) – and we always praying for you!
Another Moving Piece from our Good friend, Nelson Kennedy – certainly written with a lot of emotion. Thanks as always for sharing and inspiring us.
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