Discovery: Authentic Self-Expression!

 Self Expressions

Writers, write;  singers, sing;  painters, paint; teachers, teach or so they should! Otherwise they cease to be – or even worse they become politicians!  Beyond the conventional callings and professions of our world – the teacher, the doctor the lawyer, the engineer, the preacher et al.  There is a sound,  a voice that is uniquely individualistic.  It’s the ultimate expression of the authentic self. It’s what we will call authentic self expression.  It’s the signature language and voice that allows us to express ourselves in the deepest and most authentic way; so fulfilling and often effortlessly.  It may require a level of input to refine this ability or expression,  but we are in our finest element when we are speaking in this language or voice.

Think about it for a moment. Selah!How do you express your deepest and most cherished of emotions and feelings?
How do you speak out or communicate the things you care about deeply?
What ticks deep within you and makes your light bulb go bright?
What makes you go Gaga in your spirit even though it may not be very obvious to others?
What gives you ultimate satisfaction even without?

I’m curious. …  is it music?  The singing of it, the words and lyrics?
Is it order and organisation and a sense of perfection – Everything in its place?
Is it a sense of harmony and oneness with nature?
Is it charity expressing love and kindness to others?
Is it standing up for others – championing the cause of the voiceless,  helpless and weak?
What is it that if everything else is stripped away should remain and defines the essence of your being?
Who are you at your core? Even more, what one word describes that essence and ultimate expression.
How would you describe authentic self expression in one word?

You will find a hint of my self expression here.  This blog is an extension of that self expression.  I’m curious to hear what yours is.  Introspect on some of the questions above and write what you discover.
Should you need any guidance in finding your feet,  feel free to drop me a line.  I’d be happy to assist you with your discovery process and journey.

Happy Discovery Tuesday!

3 thoughts on “Discovery: Authentic Self-Expression!

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