Valentines: Love is a funny thing!

love is a funny thing!
Love is a funny thing – it’s drives us mad,  it makes us sad, it makes us glad.
It’s the currency that makes the world go round.
We cry,  laugh,  kill,  steal, lie – all in the name of love.
We meet up, make up,  break up.  All for love
Men go to war because of love. Jealousy and malice is spawned all in the name of love!
We work our butts off because of love – and yes we earn and spend; our intentions and actions driven by love.

Love is a funny thing – it makes us,  and sometimes we are heart broken in our earnest pursuit.
Stories are not complete without the tell-tale of love.  The blockbuster movies and the epic tales can’t make the cut without love.  Yeah, some of them with steamy love scenes!Love is a big deal, something you couldn’t ignore. It is the enduring fascination of every man and woman.The wish and aspiration of every mortal – the fairy tale of the gods and the stuff that heroism, fantasy and flamboyance is made of.

Love is that spice that flavours our food and colours our world. The ingredient that makes things interesting and brings in that edge of thrill of even in the most mundane. It’s that extra twist that makes life fun!

Love is a funny thing – whatever it is for you!
I suppose we are all touched by it in various ways and places.
It makes us feel and crave certain things.
It inspires certain affinities and desires.
Yeah, we even have a whole day devoted to Love and Lovers!


Wishing you a Lovely and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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