Timspirational Series: The Garden


Tulips in front of Monet's Home

It had been such a long time for Mrs. McGool; she had been away from the farm for several years now since her husband passed on.  The farm had always been that place of early love and romance. It’s had been home for the McGools as they started off life together.  He was a simple man, eccentric sometimes with his penchant for perfection when it came to running the farm and the things he cared about.  He had grown up in the northern part of the country, in a farm and his father especially loved working in the family farm, planting all kinds of crops and keeping animals.

The two of them met at one of the village carnivals that happened every year in May; and took to each other right away. His charm and elegance, swept him off his feet. He especially loved her sway and sashaying swing. It was perfect spring at that time and everything was blooming and beautiful green.  She was in the village for the first time thanks to her itinerant uncle who always had a thing or two to do in the village a few times of the year.  He was sort of a celebrity – pretty much known by all and sundry.  Their family was from the East of the country; a place she always felt didn’t have much to offer.  Of course her uncle disagreed and always prided and told anyone who cared to hear how this was the greatest corner of the world.  What with such heroic stories that came to the fore after the war!

Anyway it had been a difficult time for Mrs. McGool especially after the tragic loss of his beloved husband and sweet heart.  She had left the farm soon after his remains had been laid to rest as she couldn’t hold to the emptiness that now the farm was. It wasn’t the same without her husband anymore – the bleating of sheep, the mowing of cows and lushness all around was haunting – there was something incomplete without the presence of Gregory.  The whole place was eerie and ghostly and she decided to leave not ever sure of when to return.

She remembered Njonjo, the young boy from the village, sixteen years old or thereabouts, leaning forward to give her a kiss on her forehead to bid her goodbye just before she was driven away to a destination she barely knew. She had entrusted the care of the farm to him. Njonjo was one of the boys that always liked tagging along with Gregory whenever he was out in the farm. Of course he was such a tiny boy back then. At sixteen he was a teeming teenager, tall with brown eyes and an upright face.  A tiny moustache also seemed to be in the offing, and though he rarely smiled.  He definitely had a window of sunshine on those few occasions.

It was summer when she finally mustered the courage to make a visit to the farm in the countryside.  It was an unannounced visit.  She didn’t know what to expect. Thoughts and memories flashed and raced through her mind and she made the long journey home.  It had been more than five years, and she imagined the worst of the farm she once loved.

Their old house and the farm gates must all be run down by now, she thought.  She couldn’t imagine any positive frame in her mind.  Thinking was not helping and she decided to take a nap.  It was a hot sunny afternoon. It was gonna be dusty and dry indeed in the countryside.  The farm would certainly be hoary dry….she fell asleep as she thought.

She must have been asleep for such a long time.  She was awoken by some queer noise – it was women singing! The village children were preening their little necks to see who this big thud was that raised billows of dust that could be seen from afar. This rarely happened in such a small village that had a handful of people and definitely a tint of such mug shots. Besides most had moved away to the big cities and the remainder preferred to live in town where there was electricity.

It was a new world for Agnes; things had changed forever in the tiny village.  She couldn’t recognize many of the excited faces in the crowd that came to greet her. It was only a sprinkling of them that she had acquaintance of.  Several hugs and ‘Thank Yous’ later it was time to enter the dreaded gates. She was nervous. She didn’t know what to expect. She followed on as the little girl led her along the narrow paths that were once their love trail.  She and Gregory would chase each other along these trails as they played hide and seek. Oh memories! Oh Gregory!

She was lost in reverie she almost knocked a pole.  The little girl swiftly dashed to her side to give her a hand. She smiled at her gently as she led her on.

For a moment she was in a trance trying to imagine what was ahead of her….
What had happened to Gregory’s…

“Mrs McGool my name is Elsie,” the little lady said as she smiled so innocently.

She must have been seven or eight; so little yet so mature.

‘Let’s go through this door’ she beckoned.

A creaking door lock and a push later and there it was! All this years and she had never imagined such a pleasant surprise.

 “Welcome Home Mrs. McGool!”


The Garden of Flowers – Welcoming her home on Gregory’s chest. She could never have imagined this! Compared to the plain grass they had laid him to rest!
Such a beautiful backyard; a lovely garden full of all kinds of flowers!
As she was taking all this in, taken away by such beauty and the surprise, there he was… standing tall and calm…..

 To be continued……


Timspirational Series is a New Work of Fiction meant to inspire and give hope through inspirational stories and messages

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