Life: What Are Friends For?

Oh you got the deal!
Or wanna keep it real
Make a meal
And dial them in

Oh you got in trouble!
And you need some doubles
Rather dial a buddy
And let them have a listen

Oh you feel sad!
Rather piqued and mad
Get the funny lad
That makes you LOL so hard!

Oh home alone and dry?
Almost throwing a pity party
Never even sure why?
Pick up the phone and say hi

Feeling iffy from the flu?
Flat off with tummy ache
Nothing better under the weather
Like some tender love and care

Never have a meal alone
Lend a hand to those in need
Have some fun and live with ease
After all what are friends for?


The Friendship Project: E-book Coming Soon!

2 thoughts on “Life: What Are Friends For?

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