Blank Fridays: Friday Feeling…#FF

Its Friday

You feel free and happy and you know why
Pops and cheers for yet another week over
The possibility to hang out with friends,
Yeah,  some quality time with the family
Or just chill and hang out!
Mmh,  it’s a good feeling, that Feeling!

You feel less under duress
In just a few hours the stress will be over
And you can kick boot to the office till Monday!
Unless of course you work on weekends or are somewhere in the Gulf
Mmh,  it feels good, that Feeling!

There is a vybe all around, everybody positive, happy and pretty cool
Some dress down sexy and easy and it’s all fun
The weekend is beckoning and it’s going down!
Yeah, Tonight is the night,  That Feeling!

Sometimes I wonder if Monday was Friday what would happen?
Would we be less excited at the new Monday and blame it for all the blues and woes?
Or would we still be excited because it will still be called Friday? Or would Monday be the New Friday!
For now I don’t give a care,  Don’t wanna spoil my day with too much Think
Mmh, That Feeling, I Just Thank God It’s Friday!


Wishing you a Super Amazing Friday!
Sshhs! Its Somebody’s Birthday tomorrow – Don’t tell Everyone!

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