Timspirational Weekend: Birthday Reflections!

A Book Gift I bought for myself for GMT Birthday celebration

A Book Gift I bought for myself for GMT Birthday celebration

Birthdays!  Who doesn’t like them.  I guess,  I for long I belonged to the other club. The private and somber club. Preferring to have this one day that marked the beginning of my sojourn on earth once upon a time to be celebrated quietly and reflectively.
That has since changed.
Significantly so 3 years ago – when I crossed the rubicon and my life was no longer just my own.  It was a shared life with the celebration of love with Pierre – my beloved LifeApp.
Well, it probably ceased to be private a few years ago when colour my world came and brought along the moon and the rain and we had a rainbow of love – crowned with celebration.
I’m a February baby, lucky fish as I often tease or a Pisces if you like, and knowing those of my ilk – of course we are God’s gift to mankind what did you expect!
Anyway the point is birthdays,  Nay my birthday meant time alone to reflect, pray and project into the season ahead inspired by Godly ambition and guided by Godly intuition. It meant time pulled away, mostly in nature to clear my mind and seek new perspective that would be my lense in the journey ahead.
Rarely was it a spectacle.  Rarely was it shared, except for the occasional cake and candles that popped at our dinner table.
So a lot has changed and there have been a few moments of celebration.  Among them the most memorable over the last few years being (no chronological order!)

Gift Given as part of my b

Gift on Crossing the Bridge

  • When I crossed GMT – and acquired my LifeApp, in a beautiful wedding 4 days later after my birthday; I was also gifted an insightful book, Marriage Covenant among other wonderful reads to get us started on our new journey. To add spice to this great transition, I got myself a copy of 30 Things to do when you hit GMT!
  • When I made my move across the borders down South I was given the Amazing book Long Walk to Freedom as welcome and a birthday gift by my former boss (bless you sir!) that chronicles the life of my Icon, Nelson Mandela
  • Last year at GMT +2 I had the privilege of rocking with my all time favourite Worship band, Hillsong United, in Concert – It was so much fun singing lungs out ‘With Everything!‘ hands high to Honour God for the Gift of Life, Love and All
  • GMT +3, I haven’t thought much yet, other than all I know is that my long term dream of my public ministry is finally dawned – to start with its been such a great sense of fulfilment to write and Blog EVERYDAY for the last 53 days! – I intend to continue doing this un-abated going forward! Also excited to connect to such a wonderful soul, Clem McGrath all the way in New Zealand – certainly looking forward to amazing collaboration in the days to come!
  • Its going to be a wonderful day for sure, nothing dramatic planned but time with family is mostly treasured. I will be spending time with two wonderful women in my life, myApp and Ruth, our maid of honour and one of our favourite people!
Birthday and Welcome Gift when I moved South to the land of Madiba

Birthday and Welcome Gift when I moved South to the land of Madiba

On an aside I have always joked that great people are born in February, and of course July because of The Great Madiba.
I know of two great people who I almost share a birthday, my Mentor and Role Model, John C Maxwell (Feb, 20th) and Uncle Robert Mugabe (Feb 21st) who incidentally just celebrated his 90th birthday and still going strong!
So who can argue in the contrary? Its my day of celebration after all, and I intend to enjoy every bit of it!
Thanks to all who have followed, or engaged with The Timitude Blog in its upward journey – we are 800 follows already!, You are the real deal and I celebrate you too today. Thank you so much for all the love and support!

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