Thoughts and Reflections: The Morning After!

We had fun, laughed our hearts out – wined and dined to our hearts delight.
Such filling memories, spending time with loved ones, one of my favourite things.
Such an amazing time straddling and swaddling in nature – enjoying the precincts of an old farm, with cows in the meadows, beautiful walk ways lined with guided water ways attracting all kinds of birds from horn bills, ducks and pigeons and a sprinkling of chicken crossing the paths every now and then.
The smell of dung, the pungent-ness thereof, reminded me of my family roots – farming. Certainly one of those things that ignite memories of my childhood days.

The combination of great conversation and good company, with two of my favorite people, my App, Pierre and our family best friend Ruth – and the complement of Great food could only make for a more complete evening. Certainly, my Apps choice of restaurant couldn’t have been more perfect – we were in for a treat at the #D3Eleven13 Restaurant in the suburbans of Jozi.

Well, that was that. The official celebration of GMT +3

I realize some things never change for me even with the passing of time
  • The Premium and Importance of Relationships
  • The Value of Great Company and Great Conversation
  • The Significance and Importance of Having a Cause to Live for
  • The Fickleness of Living our Lives based on other peoples Opinion
  • The Primal Value of Trusting your Gut feel and Intuition – Never doubt this God given compass!
  • The Fallacy of Procrastination and the Imaginings that tomorrow you would have more time than NOW!
  • The Wisdom and Importance of Valuing the NOW Moment and Maximizing and Sowing Seeds TODAY for a possible Better Tomorrow
Mark Twain - Wisdom
Even with the dawning of my new season, my prayer remains to grow wiser with the setting of every Sun, without loosing the horizon of Humility. To embrace the NOW moment, what we call today and Live a Fuller Life. To  be a Blessing, A Gift to the World, starting with those around me. To be a Psalm, a Song of Praise to my Creator; to Glorify Him with the Gift of Life he Has Given me. This is my prayer and Hope even in this new season.— Quotable Quotes—

Wisdom is not a matter of grey hair or grey matter but of good judgement about matters! ~ timitude
Wisdom from Steve Jobs
Wishing you ALL a Wise and Blessed Sunday!

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