Creative Mondays: Do You Compliment or Do You Compete?

 competitive or complimenting
There are people in life who never cherish or relish the success of others. Often they would offer a competing tale, line or story to keep the spotlight on them. Often they would interrupt you mid sentence to tell you of their escapades or recent venture, and you should be impressed OR at least that is the impression you get from them!
‘Oh, Jane and I just bought a new car’ you would say, and we are grateful that we managed to save for it in…’Aah, you won’t believe it, I just bought a new BMW for my wife, and I bought it cash!’ they would quip in proudly even before you finish your sentence.
Have you met such people? Glory stealer’s we call them. Who rarely acknowledge or even appreciate other peoples achievements? Kudos or congratulations rarely proceed from their mouths, a competitive spirit is all they offer instead.Such people suck the little joy and zest for life you may have and are often people you would prefer not to share your discoveries or victories. Certainly, you wouldn’t want to invite them to your party!In our world we all need people who can acknowledge and celebrate with us genuinely. It makes for beautiful living.

Do you celebrate and acknowledge the triumphs and victories of others? Or do you frown at them by offering a competing tale every-time they share something to show how extra-ordinary you are?


—-Key Thought and Action

Celebrate others, Keep away from the Glory Stealers and live a creative life.
I Acknowledge all the creative people who have made #CreativeMondays something to always look forward to. Happy #CreativeMondays everyone and great week ahead!

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