Gifts and Talents: Unleashing the Power Within


Ever seen a movie and rather than just watch, you find yourself doing some analysis, dissecting roles and trying to have a peak into the scriptwriter’s mind and searching for that hidden message? That was exactly what was felt when I saw a movie just last weekend.

Need I add here that the past few weeks have been the most interesting, exhilarating and great learning experience in life for me, pushing limits, challenging myself to new things (one of which is writing this article) and seeing life and everything around it in a whole new different light.

Now, the movie was a story of a young parent with two lovely daughters one of whom has a unique ability that could light up the world and make a beautiful difference or be destructive if used wrongly. The parent felt keeping this ability hidden would save the child but it actually ended up almost destroying the child until the child herself discovered that the putting to the right use of an ability is more important than just possessing it.

An important point I’d like for us all to get is that we all have an innate ability that no one else in the whole world has, the ability to achieve whatever you set out to, to be the best, to rule your world, to dominate. The question is, are you willing to reach within yourself and give that inner voice a chance to be heard?

Last time I got the opportunity of sharing a story about having a business idea I refused to act on, it turned out to be one of the mistakes I’ve made in my life and have promised myself never to again. The only regrets we usually have in life are the actions we refuse to take not the mistakes we made while trying.

I’m challenging you today to exploit your fears, take that step, fall, get back up and try again; you’ll be shocked at what you can achieve.

I’m hoping we’ll be able to go on a ‘power of thought’ journey where we can all discover how powerful the mind can be.

On a final note, here is a quote I would love to share with you from Ralph Waldon Emerson ‘Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen..’

Thanks Tim for helping me overcome my pen-phobia (still working on being the writing expert like you *winks*)

Love you all

PS: I would appreciate your feedbacks on the article. Thanks

This post was submitted for CreativeMondays thanks to our talented and amazing friend, Adeola all the way in Lagos, Nigeria. Be inspired to unleash your powerful Voice within! Wishing you a great day ahead!

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