Relationships Thursday: Why Being Unmarried is the secret to being Married!


Wedding rings

Have you met a couple that is so in love you wonder whether they are married? Or they are just dating?
Often, this couple will be all over each other and you may even hear people saying ‘get a room’. If anything it appears as if this ones are having a fling or something saucier.

Have you met that couple that you can tell just right at the outset that things are serious that they are married for real? You will see mostly how the man reacts when the woman speaks, almost immediately he would swing to action at her instruction. Or you would find that she will not even argue; just one look and that would be enough for him to look the other way. Simply you can tell by the look of things that they are married indeed! In fact there is no juicy or saucy speculation after and you soon look elsewhere for the intrigues of life

Well, I have a confession. I would like to be unmarried!

You know that feeling of being – where you are tied and yet loose? Where you belong but yet you are free?

Where you commit and there are no terms and conditions that come with the deal? You are just keeping it real?

Anyway, I think you guys don’t know what I mean. Because maybe you are ‘happily married’ into routine and rules. Yeah, you even have the on and off switch to ensure no surprises and everything is a predictable as possible. In fact you even have a schedule, with time and day of the week…. aah, and you know what I mean!

You are reminded every corner, like you have a noose tied around your neck that you are in the forever deal, a fate you hate to admit that you hate!

I’m sure you are comfortable, and you are ‘settled in’ on your title of being a ‘husband’ or ‘wife’. That is your role after all, or didn’t the good old Black book called the Bible say so?
Ooh, of course now you are a father, and fathers don’t retire… it’s their title for life, and they got to look like they know something or have it all figured out. So as part of the deal, they must keep a serious face!

It even requires more Ninja to be Mama… you would need to be an expert in Taichi, Tae Kwon Doo, Sushi, Wi-Fi, among a plethora of other abilities! Mamas gotta know stuff man – and if you are lost in planet Pluto – Mama has it all figured out! So I guess maintaining that look of ‘guru’ is the most appropriate poise…. Anyway old Grace maybe even more appropriate!
Well, for me being unmarried is the real deal. Actually, I have been unmarried for 3 years today since I got married 3 years ago!

In fact here is the deal, let me let you in on the secret.

You know what? I saw that couple that set the rules to be broken. In fact they are so carefree you would think they are butterflies floating in the air! They laugh, dance and go with the flow with ease. They brave the cold, yes with the sun of smile upon their face – even though it may not be rosy always. They keep their house warm with the charm of humour and never taking themselves too seriously. Heck! who said you would get out of this deal alive? Wasn’t there a reason for the ’till death do us part deal’. Screw it! Let’s make the most of it!
Yeah, I saw that couple that never ceased to be girlfriend and boyfriend… and the lad never stopped playing with her hair, and she couldn’t stop staring at him… like they just met. Of course, she got mad at him too once in a while. But yet, she would rather be too mad at him, madly in love they were both.

Well, I saw that couple who were so unmarried, they didn’t care to be politically correct and be too dignified in public and a kiss here and a hug there was among the signs that dotted their pathway…Footprints of romance all over even the neighbours stopped complaining!

Well, I saw that couple once and I decided being married is not for me. Being unmarried is the real deal. To love and cherish, to hold and behold, and always be amazed at the wonder of loving someone you care about deeply as if watching a flower unfold, open its petals, bud, bloom and blossom as the seasons of life go by….
That is my deal of being unmarried!



Dedicated to MyLife App, to the one who I’m unmarried to and who is unmarried to me – on our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! Love you lots my baby tequila :)!

9 thoughts on “Relationships Thursday: Why Being Unmarried is the secret to being Married!

  1. I’m great friends with an unmarried couple, and they’ve been together for years, raising two fantastic kids. My brother and his girlfriend have been together almost 11 years. Everyone is going to have their issues to work through regardless of being married or not.
    Enough said?

    • Absolutely! Thanks indeed Christopher – the deal is never to be too caught up in the protocol of relationship and forget the most important thing that brought us together in the first place. Yeah, always important to keep the fire burning!

      • I can also see unmarried couples throwing an event to celebrate their love. It doesn’t have to be a wedding or a reception. Get family and friends together. People can makes speeches if they so choose, but it wouldn’t be stressful and the expensive gowns/tuxes don’t have to be paid for, but the money can be invested in the party itself.
        Great post, man!

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