Blank Fridays: Appreciating The Gift of Friendship!


My Friends: Iyvonne and Warren

My Friends: Iyvonne and Warren – Courtesy Nelson Kennedy
© All rights reserved


My buddies for life Iyvonne and Warren. I just love these two kids, they are just kids!  Iyvonne (from the left) where did i first met her? Let me remember ……Yah, way back before i met Warren, mmm, life really is moving so very fast.  The youngest girl within the group (of neighborhood kids), can’t passby without her attention, cheerful, always there to say ‘Amekuja or ‘he has come’, and the other kids following her! Knowing that this time round it just gonna be same as yesterday = candy time, laughing at anything thats amusing, needless to say playing and dancing. Yap! That’s her!

Warren my Boy (from the right). A very interesting little fellow – i wonder what goes on in his head. He seems busy all the time- Jumping! Jumping!, wanting to grab everything he thinks thats touchable and new to his eyes – He doesnt know how to speak well , mumbling and  stuttering at every word, but its amazing how he understands almost everything! He has a world of his own- a world full of toys that he sometimes thinks i’m a toy to play with! What with getting rides on my back, forcing me to play when i don’t want, asking for a pie only to end up seeing it in a bin, what else can you say my friend? This dude has totally got me hypnotized!

Oh wait haven’t told you who the kids really are; Iyvonne born to a young pretty lady just next to our court, right opposite ours if am not wrong with my bearings. Still grasping the kindergarten education, little to know the difference of how much this friendship means to me. Yah and with a bright future ahead for her- aah sorry haven’t met her father yet!

Warren, almost celebrating his 3rd birthday- he’s the apple in her mother’s eye. Belinda that’s her Mum and his father Wycky (what a name!) my good neighbor next door … wonder the STRESS i encounter with Warren! They indeed so caring God bless them!

To all with cherished moments, i respect the wonderful time i spend with this two toddlers, am sure you to have such people in your life, people who make your day after a rough time, people who put a smile on you when you are very low, people whom you feel indebted to for life for their kindness; could be your son, could be your wife,  your mum or even your grandpa; maybe a puppy or something! Whoever that is –  It is good to appreciate them in your life and i encourage you to do so today!

This post has been submitted by our good friend Nelson Kennedy for our Blank Fridays! – i hope it inspires you to remember to appreciate those wonderful people around you this Friday! – Wishing you all a Happy Blank Friday!

Blank Friday is another Open Collaboration Space similar to #CreativeMondays, open to all kinds of expressions – appreciation, humour, outright up close and personal good feel posts appropriate for a Friday! So most welcome to share your Blank Pieces!

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