Tuesday Musings: On Life!

courtesy: sundancevacations.tumblr.com

The Journey to significance is often dotted with uncertainty and disappointment
Hesitation, fear and self doubt are never distant
Even for those full of steam or with a high sense of esteem
Trains of negative thought could stop a whole dream!

What do you do at the cross roads of your life?
When you are faced with splinter choices and you know not which way to go
When you lack the strength and energy to go on
It’s easy to say don’t quit, even harder to say hold on, but what choices have you got?

In the pursuit of the best and being the best
Sometimes we lose the important lesson
Without knowing we crave for perfection or all of a sudden become superfluous
Tell me oh mortals who amongst us is perfect? Picasso and Einstein too were men with potholes!

Time and chance happens to us all
Winters and summers offer a chance to reinvent
Sometimes we miss the boat, sometimes we rock the boat
Such is life my friend, play hard but never too hard on self –
No matter what, always find ways to enjoy life every day in every way!

Wishing you a pleasant Tuesday!

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