Dear March: The Writer’s Prayer



I must say Feb was so much fun! So much to celebrate even if in such a short time.

On that note I hope you will be easy flowing and great too!  So welcome Ides of March!
Before I get fluffy and colourful, some serious business.  The year is 3 down,  9 more to go so we better get cracking on some of the items on my shortlist.  I’m an ambitious chap you know! Mmh, I know I didn’t jot some resolutions,  but I have quite a few goals that I will trust you will expose more to light in the next 31 sunny days, oops actually less!  I hope this will not be too much to ask or is it?

Now, I realize I have been writing for the last 60 days or something… and I think that has been a great achievement.

I think it may be time to pause and say a little prayer for you…. Actually all of you Creatives out there!

That ‘The Force be with you‘; more so as we hit the 3rd Anniversary Month of the Year

Yeah, that you may not lose your Mojo – but be inspired with all the Momentum you need – to make this year a Masterpiece!

If I’m allowed I will borrow some words from the Lords prayer..Just to be sure that I say this prayer correctly for you!

The Writers Prayer

Our Father of Art who is in heaven
Hallo its Tim here
Thy creativity and inspiration come

As you freely will!
As it is in the cloud

Flood my world with imagination!
Give us each and every day

A load of new and great ideas
Forgive us our typos and errors

Lead us not to the writers block and procrastination

For others use smart technology, others the old paper and pen!

Whatever their preference,

And whatever happens,

That we keep on writing away anyway,

Forever and always


That’s my prayer for you this March!

Wishing you all a Momentous Month ahead!

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