Blank Fridays: The Electricity of Emotion



Have you ever thought what human life would be without emotion?
Don’t think – the answer is plain simple.  Dead. Dodo. Flat. Boring!
We miss people, love people, even hate with equal passion.  Thanks to the current of emotion.

Kiss. Miss. Tease. Please. Thanks to Emotion!

Often its not long after I hit the road that sentimentality sets in. Always,  everytime after 2 days of being away I miss my App – and I just wanna Go home! That’s emotion at work, works even when I’m not thinking.

We Cry. We Try. We ask Why.  Thanks to emotion!

The weekends are always a great opportunity to connect with family and friends.  The holidays too offer such opportunities.  We make memories on momentous occasions, good or bad. Often we go back to that moment and time we cherish and treasure and relive it once again. Oh, we feel it like the air we breath.  Thanks to the flow of emotion.

Music. Dancing. Singing. Travel. Space

Time is filled with emotion.  Rarely do we stumble on an empty moment. Or is there ever a vacuum?

Sadness.  Happiness.  Yeah, and even emptiness is not without it!

We often receive gifts, whether to celebrate an occasion, an action or just the celebration of sheer spontaneity.  Big or small. Cards or trophies. Puppies or teddies.  Whatever it may be! The occasion is never complete without emotion.

Grateful.  Excited.  Surprised. Mesmerized. Mmh, we could be underwhelmed too!

The question is therefore not – as Shakespeare once put it – Emotion or not to emotion! Yeah,  if you got that right,  even when we are not showing emotion or trying not to; we are still expressing emotion.

Indifference.  Non chalance.  Blankness.

Yeah, there you have it.  We could never do without emotion.  At least in this life!


Wishing you a Blank Friday!




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