Life: We Are Inextricably Bound



We are inextricably bound.
Our destiny is tied together
By the tapestry of our common humanity
The chemistry of our existence
The DNA and biology of our uniqueness
We are one at our core – pluribus unum!
Strengthened through diversity
Emboldened by adversity
United in tragedy and triumph

We are inextricably bound
By the bonds of freedom
The chains of common destiny
In mortality born to die and try
The drive to seek and discover
By common dreams and aspiration
The desire to relish the fruit of our labour
The toil of sweat and tears and guts to overcome fear
The call to greatness and significance

We are inextricably bound
We are our brothers keeper
To lend a hand be a lifter
To lend an ear be a listener
To give, serve and sacrifice
In sickness and health, riches and poor
Bore the pain one with another
To take a stand for truth and light
For what true love was ever a child of convenience?

Wishing you a Reflective Tuesday!

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