On Mentorship: Your Thoughts and Suggestions..

courtesy: feast.istockphoto.com

courtesy: feast.istockphoto.com

Mentorship is a topic that often comes up, whenever there is a purpose engagement or presentation.
A good example is this past weekend at the Heroes Mens Conference I attended at our local church this past weekend. The word was mentioned quite a few times by the guest speakers with a level of emphasis and importance. Certainly, it seemed to be a topic that resonated with the gathering

I couldn’t help however to wonder- how many people in the room have mentors and role models to look up to.

And also how that worked in reality, more so among men.
Certainly, the idea of having a mentor or someone to look up to for guidance or direction or for accountability is always very noble.
I’m still however curious how this works given modern day challenges of unavailability due to time pressures or the biting reality that mentors and models are hard to find. They are a rare breed indeed!

In appreciation of this limitations and challenges over the years, I came to the conclusion that perhaps it was time to be that change I often desired.  To be that mentor; to offer to be that guiding light, that person who will offer the little that I have learnt so far to the younger generation or to whomever would connect, if at all it can be of any help.

This topic has been on my mind again recently and I have actually decided that this is something I would like to focus on in the months to come. I would certainly want to get something started in this direction.

In this post I would like to indulge you, If you have any suggestions for me on how to go about this.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments…

4 thoughts on “On Mentorship: Your Thoughts and Suggestions..

  1. I’m primarily looking for mentors on the internet. IMO mentors have always been a scarcity and it will remain so. Just keep looking out for them and eventually you’ll find some good ones!

  2. Thanks Simon, I concur with you. I will share in a future post what I have found to work in this area with the benefit of modern technology. I’m open for collaboration and further ideas in this area – feel free to share any further thoughts

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